Turnarounds Can Be Managed More Efficiently. We’ve Just Proved It Again.

Defining the Challenges Turnarounds present many challenges. They are typified by rapid and unpredictable change, an unclear present and uncertain future, multiple and diverse interconnected factors,

Want to Know How Much You Can Save On Your Turnaround?

Digitalization - Which Way to Go? The inundation of software and hardware vendors selling digitalization strategies and solutions is challenging businesses to effectively differentiate between the

Is the Automation of Routine Activities in Turnarounds a Key to Success?

About Automation & Turnarounds A sizable percentage of work in turnarounds is low risk and just needs to get done. Automation offers the opportunity to minimize the amount of human management /

How Important Are Compliance & Standardization to Turnaround Success?

Achieving Turnaround Goals Depends on Compliance & Documentation Corporate audits, maintenance procedures and turnarounds all require compliance with a range of subjects. The compliance required can

Can Technology & Humans Work Together for Improved Efficiency & Performance?

The correlation between digitalization and operational excellence At the recent Connected Worker Online Event, Dave Maher, SVP, Capital & Turnarounds at Delek US, discussed his company’s experiences

What Can Turnarounds Learn from Battlefields?

What’s the Connection between Battlefields and Turnarounds? Despite their extensive training, combat soldiers will tell you that the actual battlefield presents a completely different picture. While

Can the Value of Existing Siloed Systems be Unlocked in Turnarounds?

Multiple Systems and Siloed Data Challenge STO Success To execute an STO (Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage), many different departments must provide services over several phases of the event, from

Launching a Gamechanger Product in a Traditional Market

Launching a new product Our new product, MobideoSTO, is a gamechanger operating system for turnaround management. It fundamentally improves turnaround performance and manageability of the key factors

Can We Get More Out of Contractor Relationships in Shutdowns, Turnarounds & Outages (STOs)?

STOs are dynamic and complex environments STOs are completely different to any capital, normal or maintenance project. Change is rapid and unpredictable in both nature and extent; the present is

Can digital phobia be overcome through education and training?

A recent Reuters Events whitepaper outlining the digital journeys of key petrochemical companies makes interesting reading. It contains various insights on the challenges faced when implementing

Connected workforces transform the way work is performed and decisions are made

More and more industrial organizations are embarking on digital transformation journeys. These journeys don’t just require the selection of the most appropriate digitalization technologies. They

The Impact of Digitalization on Globalization & Standardization

Why Global Standardization? As businesses grow - often internationally and via acquisitions - great economies of scale can be achieved particularly when alignment between locations and business

Is Digital Transformation Possible Without Industrial Engineers?

What’s the Connection Between Digital Transformations and Industrial Engineers? I don’t know of an asset-intensive industry today that is not considering, embarking on, or moving forward with a

Digitalization Is a Gamechanger for Industrial Turnaround Meetings

Meetings Are an Essential Part of Industrial Turnarounds The management of industrial turnarounds requires a never-ending array of meetings. Just during actual turnaround execution, there are shift

Digitizing STO & Capital Project Workforces to Optimize Work Execution

Today’s challenges Reducing operating costs and increasing efficiencies - without negatively impacting power production or safety – are key challenges for power stations today. And where better to

Turnarounds: Adrenaline Rush or 24/7 Headache?

Turnarounds: Frenzied Failures or Streamlined Accomplishments? Long-term planning. Sleepless nights. An interruption to home life. Coordination of thousands of people, assets, timetables and budgets.

Technology Enables Facility Run Length Extension and Turnaround Duration Minimization

Turnarounds Are Being Deferred

Is it Possible to Turnaround a Turnaround?

Why are Turnarounds So Challenging? “A large turnaround can include up to 150,000 individual activities. With this level of complexity, approximately half of all shutdown projects are delayed by more

“When you're finished changing, you're finished.”

Hard to believe that the quote used for the title of this blog was said by Benjamin Franklin more than 200 years ago. Very relevant to today’s business environment, it’s just one of the many quotes

Can industrial workplaces be pandemic resilient?

COVID-19 and the demands for social distancing present many challenges in the industrial workplace. Can group activities be eliminated or automated? Can we be effective as social humans with

COVID-19: An opportunity for change, not just a challenge

Throughout time, pandemic diseases have generated change. COVID-19 is no different, as social distancing, staying home and isolation continue to change the fundamentals of social interaction and

About Mobideo

Mobideo addresses the dynamic and complex nature of STOs and improves management of the key factors that determine STO success – scope, cost, schedule, quality, and EHS.

The company’s flagship product, MobideoSTO, is a dSTO Operating System that establishes a fundamentally different way for turnaround groups to manage the full STO lifecycle.

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