SAN ANTONIO, TX - Mobideo and INVISTA presented Case Study: How Digital Turnarounds at INVISTA Improved Execution at the AFPM Summit on October 18, 2022, in San Antonio, TX on the topic of Digital Turnarounds at INVISTA.


Mike Goranson, Turnaround Execution Manager at INVISTA, spoke about how a paper-free environment reduced data input and automated reporting on their turnaround. "We used to always have paper, at the end of the turnaround and run around scrambling because 3 or 4 of them were misplaced, lost, or blew away! Now we are digitalized with Mobideo and it’s phenomenal." He continues talking about how digitalization has increased efficiencies with the approval process on change orders as well, "it would take us days, sometimes even a week, waiting for an approval. At 9:21 that night, 8 hours later, we had all signatures." Goranson said about a specific example of improving the speed of their approval process for discovery work during the turnaround. 


INVISTA Case Study


Another key factor Goranson and Goulet touched on during the presentation was the fact that you can't improve what you don't measure. You can read more about tracking and measuring KPIs during Turnarounds in our White Paper Are you Ready for Your Next Turnaround? 


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Case Study: How Digital Turnarounds at INVISTA Improved Execution


Mike Goranson, Turnaround Execution Coordinator, INVISTA

Daniel Goulet, Director of Customer Success, Mobideo


Hear how INVISTA implemented a mobile work execution platform to improve their real-time visibility and performance during their Shutdown, Turnaround, Outages (STOs.) An overview of the case study will show how digitalizing work process led to operational excellence by:

  • Connecting workers and enabling them to digitally receive detailed task definitions and supporting work package information in the field
  • Connecting Managers and enabling them to receive real-time activity status information highlighting risks and supported better decision making
  • Enabling data-driven Contractor Performance Management



About the Event:

Presented live on Tuesday, October 18, 2022- 12:30pm CST - Reliability, Maintenance, Turnaround Track


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