Partnering to Transform Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages

Industrial asset and workforce specialists partner to transform the digitalization of shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages (STOs). Houston, TX | March 10, 2022 - Global digital services leader Asset

Can a Digital Operating System for Turnarounds be Deployed in Just 4 Weeks?

Why digitalization? More and more industrial organizations are embarking on digital transformation journeys. That’s because digitalization is becoming essential for best practice and standardization,

MobideoSTO Delivers Big ROI for Any Turnaround/Site Size

CountryMark takes its turnaround digital Digitalization is beneficial for turnarounds and sites of any size, with a clearly justifiable ROI. This was proven recently by CountryMark, a unique refinery

Is Transformational Change Essential for STOs?

What’s the Value of Transformational Outcomes? Everyone is talking about transformational outcomes. Relating to fundamental change in execution and management, it’s one of today’s most popular

Is It Possible to Stay Ahead of Your Turnaround?

Am I In Control of My Turnaround? I often meet turnaround managers at the beginning of a turnaround. They are typically optimistic that all their months of planning and scheduling is going to be a

Turnarounds Can Be Managed More Efficiently. We’ve Just Proved It Again.

Defining the Challenges Turnarounds present many challenges. They are typified by rapid and unpredictable change, an unclear present and uncertain future, multiple and diverse interconnected factors,

Is the Automation of Routine Activities in Turnarounds a Key to Success?

About Automation & Turnarounds A sizable percentage of work in turnarounds is low risk and just needs to get done. Automation offers the opportunity to minimize the amount of human management /

How Important Are Compliance & Standardization to Turnaround Success?

Achieving Turnaround Goals Depends on Compliance & Documentation Corporate audits, maintenance procedures and turnarounds all require compliance with a range of subjects. The compliance required can

Can the Value of Existing Siloed Systems be Unlocked in Turnarounds?

Multiple Systems and Siloed Data Challenge STO Success To execute an STO (Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage), many different departments must provide services over several phases of the event, from

Launching a Gamechanger Product in a Traditional Market

Launching a new product Our new product, MobideoSTO, is a gamechanger operating system for turnaround management. It fundamentally improves turnaround performance and manageability of the key factors

Can We Get More Out of Contractor Relationships in Shutdowns, Turnarounds & Outages (STOs)?

STOs are dynamic and complex environments STOs are completely different to any capital, normal or maintenance project. Change is rapid and unpredictable in both nature and extent; the present is

About Mobideo

Mobideo addresses the dynamic and complex nature of STOs and improves management of the key factors that determine STO success – scope, cost, schedule, quality, and EHS.

The company’s flagship product, MobideoSTO, is a dSTO Operating System that establishes a fundamentally different way for turnaround groups to manage the full STO lifecycle.

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