Launching a new product
Our new product, MobideoSTO, is a gamechanger operating system for turnaround management. It fundamentally improves turnaround performance and manageability of the key factors that determine turnaround success – scope, cost, schedule, quality, and EHS.
Similar to the launch of any new product, extensive planning was required. However, since MobideoSTO addresses a naturally conservative market – highly-complex and intense industrial turnarounds performed in a range of industries, from oil & gas, chemicals and power to aviation and life sciences –the introduction of change can be challenging. This required focus on a number of key points.


1. Understanding the market
The development of MobideoSTO followed the recognition of a real need in the market. That recognition was based on an in-depth understanding of the market, and particularly that:

  • Shutdowns, Turnarounds & Outages (STOs) are the most strategic and complex event in the life of any capital-intensive plant.
  • Most STO projects end off-schedule, over-budget and often miss their intended KPIs and premise.
  • Turnarounds are not like traditional projects, but high-VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environments.
  • VUCA environments cannot be successfully managed using typical project management tools and techniques; they require a holistic, agile, and analytical approach.


2. Understanding customer needs
Addressing a traditional market requires an understanding of customer needs; an understanding of their challenges and pain points. Over the last 6 years, Mobideo has a successful track record of digitalizing more than 100 STO events at an aggregated value of more than $2.5B. That has given us great insight to understand customer needs.
MobideoSTO has been built with the industry, and for the industry, to fundamentally solve the root-causes for STO failures and transform the way STOs are managed. It is designed to improve manageability, efficiency, and agility. It is a technology framework that connects existing systems, data, and people; combines an emerging practice playbook and an intelligent management toolset; and improves outcomes across the full STO lifecycle.

3. Demonstrating unique, transformational outcomes
MobideoSTO delivers unique and indisputable transformation outcomes, enabling owner-operators to:

  • Prepare better and earlier by validating the turnaround premise with rapid scenario modeling.
  • Automate routine work and focus on the most effective things and most impactful management outcomes throughout turnaround lifecycles by using smart technology.
  • Stay ahead of their event by predicting and managing inevitable change.
    Learn, adapt, and improve, by accessing real detailed data to support continuous improvement.
  • Unlock the full value of existing siloed systems, via a unified actionable view of all critical data.


4. Engaging thought leaders to express their digital transformation experiences
At the MobideoSTO online launch event, a panel of turnaround thought leaders from top U.S. facilities provided insights on what they look for in a digital turnaround management solution; where they see the turnaround market going; and how Mobideo has helped them in their preparation and execution of their STOs.

Discussing the importance of digitalization for turnaround best practice and standardization, Ord Limbrick, Turnaround Director at Covestro, stated that “In the near future, digitalization of turnarounds will become … what we call an industry best practice. If you are still … executing turnarounds in the next 3-5 years, and you have not digitalized your turnaround, you will be at a disadvantage in this industry.”

And commenting on the automation inherent in the digitalization of turnarounds, Dave Maher, VP Refining at Delek U.S. noted that “The more these systems can basically think for us and start us at a different point, the better chance we have to manage all the different things that happen during these events. Mobideo gives us the opportunity to create that.”

Finally, relating to the importance of digitalization and the significance of having real-time data accessible on any mobile device, Colin Xander, Corporate Turnaround Manager at Chevron Philips Chemical Company, declared: “… that tablet in your hand is an opportunity to right now see what your struggles are, and apply those lessons to this turnaround instead of the next turnaround.”

Learn more about MobideoSTO. View the exclusive, online, April 28th launch of MobideoSTO here.