Why digitalization?
More and more industrial organizations are embarking on digital transformation journeys. That’s because digitalization is becoming essential for best practice and standardization, particularly in time- and budget-sensitive turnarounds where the high cost of lost production for each hour that units are down can very quickly affect a company's bottom line.


“In the near future, digitalization of turnarounds will become … what we call an industry best practice. If you are still … executing turnarounds in the next 3-5 years, and you have not digitalized your turnaround, you will be at a disadvantage in this industry.”

Ord Limbrick, Turnaround Director at Covestro


These digital transformation journeys don’t just require the selection of the most appropriate digitalization technologies. They demand fast deployment, implementation, and training to ensure that they are up and running quickly and that onboarding is successfully completed.

How quickly can a digital solution be ready for operation?
MobideoSTO, our Digital Operating System for STOs (Shutdowns, Turnarounds, Outages) can be up and running in just 4 weeks. It’s as simple as that!


Digitalize your turnaround in 1 month


What’s involved in each week?

WEEK 1 is all about understanding the customer’s needs. This is achieved with three important activities:


  • Mapping the Value: An overview of MobideoSTO, review of work processes, determination of gaps, and understanding of customizations requested.

  • Mapping Schedule & Assessing Gaps: A review of existing turnaround schedule data and requirements to utilize the functionality of MobideoSTO.

  • Defining RACI Chart: Determination of the roles & responsibilities required for execution of the scope defined during mapping of the value.

covers the establishment of plans and focuses on the following:


  • Closing Schedule Gaps: Closing the gaps in the schedule to ensure full alignment with the MobideoSTO data model.

  • Defining Teams & Users: Defining the task update strategy, particularly who will update tasks and who will be notified for approval.

  • Creating an Education Plan: Defining the scope of the education plan for each stakeholder, including the training of customer super-users by Mobideo.

is used for loading data, testing, and training:


  • Loading Data: The loading of data into the MobideoSTO test environment for the customer to view, experiment, and train stakeholders.

  • Practicing Functionality: With all the schedule data loaded in the test environment, users are able to practice the functionality offered by MobideoSTO.

  • Training Users: Training of customer super-users by Mobideo personnel, to a level of proficiency that will enable them to train other users and operators on digital work processes and MobideoSTO.

is devoted to data validation and adjustments, to ensure readiness for work:


  • Validating Data Integrity: Verifying data integrity in the MobideoSTO test environment before loading the data to the production environment.

  • Loading Data: Loading the validated production data to the production environment for access to all schedule data.

  • Training Contractors: Training of contractors on the use of digital work processes and MobideoSTO.


Has this 4-week deployment been proven?
Yes. A typical example is one of our recent deployments of MobideoSTO at CountryMark refinery, which followed this implementation plan and was operational in just 4 weeks (see also Turnarounds Can Be Managed More Efficiently. We’ve Just Proved It Again. and MobideoSTO Delivers Big ROI for Any Turnaround/Site Size.)

“Would I ever do a turnaround non-digitally? I wouldn’t want to. I don’t know why we would go backwards.”
Kim Smock, VP of Operations, CountryMark


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