HOUSTON, TX - Mobideo and Delek US are set to present at the Connected Plant Conference taking place May 20-22 in Houston, TX.  The Connected Plant Conference provides an intimate environment, with a strong emphasis on networking, where ideas can be shared to foster best practices and current knowledge of the latest trends. Efficiency, safety, and profitability are crucial aspects of the power and chemical process industries and the Connected Plant Conference aims to contribute to these through collaboration and knowledge exchange.


At the Conference, you can expect an enriching experience where they will dive deep into the latest improvements and applications reshaping the power generation and chemical process industries.


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MOBIDEO SESSION: Wednesday, May 22, 2024 - 2:30-4:40pm CST

Data-Driven Decision-Making for STO Success: Lessons from Delek US

In today's competitive industrial landscape, innovation is essential for achieving growth, safety, and efficiency. Digitalization tools have emerged as powerful drivers of operational excellence, enabling organizations to transform their work processes and enhance productivity. This presentation will explore how Delek US, a leading refinery, has leveraged a mobile work execution platform, to revolutionize its Digital Worker strategy and achieve remarkable improvements in plant efficiency and worker performance. Delek US implemented a mobile work execution platform to gain real-time visibility and performance insights during its Shutdown, Turnaround, and Outage (STO) activities. By connecting workers with digital task definitions and supporting work package information, it empowered field personnel to execute tasks with greater accuracy and efficiency. Managers, armed with real-time activity status information, were able to proactively identify and address potential risks, leading to better decision-making and overall operational excellence. The implementation of Mobideo also enabled Delek US to establish a data-driven approach to Contractor Performance Management (CPM). By capturing and analyzing work execution data, the company gained valuable insights into contractor performance, enabling continuous improvement and collaboration.


This case study will showcase how Delek US harnessed the power of digitalization to transform its work processes, enhance worker performance, and achieve operational excellence. The presentation will provide valuable insights for organizations seeking to leverage digital tools to drive innovation and growth.


Key takeaways:

  • Discover how digitalization tools can transform plant efficiency and worker performance
  • Learn how Delek US implemented Mobideo to improve real-time visibility during STOs
  • Understand how digitalizing the work process led to operational excellence
  • Gain insights into data-driven Contractor Performance Management