Why Global Standardization?
As businesses grow - often internationally and via acquisitions - great economies of scale can be achieved particularly when alignment between locations and business functions can be implemented and maintained. Equally, failure to streamline, share resources and optimize processes will slow growth and reduce anticipated efficiencies of post-integration businesses.

Why Standardization for Asset-Intensive Organizations?
Today, global asset-intensive organizations understand that the standardization of their work processes and procedures around the world offers the opportunity to reduce risks; improve efficiency, quality, safety and compliance; and enable the portability of workforces. Furthermore, today’s pandemic-driven travel constraints make the effectiveness of remote workforces a prime consideration. If, for example, all facilities of a worldwide organization follow the same work procedures, it will be easier for workers to perform irrespective of where they are physically located; easier for mangers to maintain visibility and participate in approval processes from home; and easier to adopt lessons learned at one location quickly across others.

How Can Digitalization Support and Benefit Global Standardization Programs?
Digitalization facilitates a paradigm shift related to how work associated with constructing, operating and maintaining plants and facilities is conducted. It is not only a new wave of technology, but a step change that represents a rare opportunity to change work processes by reevaluating why, how and by whom work is performed. It is focused on asking questions about your desired outcomes, core competencies, organizational structure, and value streams.

Digital tools allow you to implement systems and processes with real-time connectivity, friction-free access to information and seamless communication between teams and management stakeholders. For organizations seeking to optimize and unify their work processes around the world, such digitalized standardization offers a range of benefits, including:


  • Delivery of a full, 360-degree view of processes that connects fieldworkers, managers, management, machines and data in real-time. This ensures you do the best thing with available resources at any point in time.
  • Quickly sharing learnings across multiple locations, fast acquisition integration, elimination of waste and improvement of multi-skilling, planning and implementation of global performance benchmarks.
  • Seamless integration of workers, managers, and subject matter experts into projects around the globe, driving up quality and consistency while driving down cost.
  • Availability of richer, aggregated datasets in real-time that provide insights and support management tools, machine learning and AI-based big data analytics initiatives. This allows you to react better today and plan future digital transformation from a baseline of trusted data.
  • Less friction in the collection of performance data, empowering managers with real-time decision-making capabilities and better evaluation of performance and outcomes.


The Mobideo Platform delivers the optimal technology for digitalizing and driving standardization in asset-intensive, multinational organizations. Read more about its extensive range of use cases and schedule a demo now.