Digitalization - Which Way to Go?
The inundation of software and hardware vendors selling digitalization strategies and solutions is challenging businesses to effectively differentiate between the options before them. And the reduction in opportunities for in-person, relationship-building conversations that help build trust and conviction generated by COVID has presented more challenges to the decision-making process.

Do Value Calculators Help?
Over the years, many organizations have developed sophisticated spreadsheets to demonstrate value and ROI. But such homegrown systems present numerous challenges, including time-consuming creation and maintenance, difficult version control, and errors in calculation which can easily creep into formulas as content is amended or customized. And as spreadsheets are updated and modified by different people, organizations tend to lose control of the message and users fail to obtain the latest information. Furthermore, when managed on a project-by-project basis, the insights gained fail to be shared or reused, left siloed in a spreadsheet on a computer drive.

Are Value Platforms Better?
Value platforms are an opportunity to transform home-grown ROI spreadsheets into sophisticated and intuitive interactive tools for account executives and customers to input data and view the assessment in real-time. Turning spreadsheets into value-focused and collaborative conversations, they enable easy quantification and communication of the value of the solution and services offered.

What Does the MobideoSTO Value Platform Offer?
The MobideoSTO value platform uses account research, internal knowledge, and Mobideo benchmarks based on the performance of the company’s customer base. It delivers a value hypothesis that provides users with a directional sense of the business value, sufficiently piquing curiosity to continue to a meaningful dialogue to refine it into a defensible business case.


Allowing us to demonstrate and build on the proven value our existing customers receive from MobideoSTO, our value platform delivers an understanding of the value of MobideoSTO in your turnaround that includes:


  • Differentiation between business value messaging and quantification

  • Focus on business value and the outcomes

  • Powerful visuals that communicate and quantify value and ROI

  • Demonstration of how incremental time and dollar savings quickly multiply by fieldworker / shift / turnaround day, to become a significant value opportunity

  • Additional value categories - such as improved event manageability and risk mitigation - which often exceed more quantifiable examples like time-on-tools

  • Hand-in-hand discovery with prospects, allowing them to provide all numbers and thereby own the customized end result

Understand the Value of MobideoSTO in Your Turnaround

So, how much can you save on your turnaround? Join our value journey from initial discovery, where we collaborate on a business case that identifies the business value of MobideoSTO; through value delivery and the creation of a prospect-owned business case; to final value realization, where we actively measure actual value achieved relative to the original business case.


Click here to see the potential savings you can enjoy using MobideoSTO and understand the business value of the first digital operating system for comprehensive turnaround management.