Meetings Are an Essential Part of Industrial Turnarounds
The management of industrial turnarounds requires a never-ending array of meetings. Just during actual turnaround execution, there are shift handover meetings, daily update meetings, EHS meetings, turnaround steering committee meetings, progress update meetings and executive update meetings.

“Meetings are meant to be an engine of productivity in the workplace.”

The Muse

But when I think of daily turnaround shift handover meetings that I have observed, I would have to say that they are far from a pleasant affair. First, they’re inefficient, because participants often spend 90% of their time trying to understand the actual status of the turnaround. And second, putting aside the subject of the egos of participants, the following none-to-complimentary terms are representative descriptions of the meetings: endless chatting, half-truths, excuses, lack of objectivity, allegations, stress and flying blind. These popular scenarios are the consequences caused by the absence of a real-time picture of the turnaround status. What’s the alternative?

Digitalization Is a Gamechanger for Meetings
Digitalization is about fast information sharing. It’s about getting people the right information at the right time. It’s about providing digitized, consistent, online data in real-time, thereby eliminating all of the meeting pitfalls noted above.

“I don’t have to rely on someone telling me something that they want me to hear. I can see it for myself.

… We can focus where we need to, when we need to, each day.”
Mobideo Platform customer Robby Wagner, Turnaround Execution Manager, Delek US

Digitalization is about enabling meeting participants and managers to do their work much more efficiently, and without argument. It offers a paradigm shift in all industrial turnaround meetings, as it displays real-time data - a single source of truth and reference - on digital dashboards for all participants to view, irrespective of their location. Consequently, meeting participants come prepared to meetings, managers are free to actually manage, and the decision-making process is simplified, since everyone has access to the same data at all times.

“Instead of being in a situation where every day at 1 o’clock I have to schedule an update [meeting], I can see it ‘live’. I have a schedule strategy meeting, where we can sit around and talk about ‘Why have we not closed that vessel yet? Why have we not finished this weld yet?’. So that’s a gamechanger for me.”
Mobideo Platform customer Colin Xander, Executive Turnaround Director, Chevron Phillips Chemical


Real-Time Schedule Synchronization, Prior to Shift Handover Meetings
The Achilles heel and one of the biggest sources of contention in industrial turnaround shift handover meetings is schedule changes. By seamlessly integrating with existing management systems, such as Primavera P6, the Mobideo Platform synchronizes, updates and levels all work performed in the last shift.


This enables the efficient and effective management of shift handover meetings and schedule updates based on up-to-date data captured in real-time from the field. Furthermore, integration with P6 provides meeting participants with a wealth of additional data, such as trends in critical path changes; adjustments required to the turnaround scope, plan and budget; equipment with negative float and connectivity to milestones; and the rescheduling of tasks at risk to meet the critical path.


Generation of Reports for Data Utilization at All Levels
Accurate reporting is an essential part of the decision-making process in any meeting. The Mobideo Platform generates an extensive range of reports based on real-time data from the field, as shown in the following examples:


  • Heatmap Report: Visualization detailing the actual status of the project.

  • Earn Rate Report: A daily count of man and asset hours actually invested in comparison to the planned investment.

  • Delay Report: Details of delays and their causes.

  • Change Request Report: Specifics gleaned from Discovery Team reports, including balance against budget and inspection discoveries.

  • Contractor Performance Report: Details of contractor performance rates and comparisons between contractors.

  • Inspection Reports: Summaries and status of inspections.


These reports are valuable sources of information, providing essential insights to support optimal decision-making, understanding of trends, and learning from experience. They are relevant for a range of different turnaround meetings, from daily discovery meetings with Finance, Purchasing, Engineering, and Inspection, to executive stakeholder review meetings with senior management and executives.


Digitalization Turns Meetings Into Engines of Productivity
By establishing a departure from manual processes, automation of key areas of activity and integration of digital technologies in all areas of a business, digitalization is clearly essential and a gamechanger for meetings.

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